The Erotic Adventures of Batman

The Erotic Adventures of Batman (E-BOOK)


The Erotic Adventures of Batman, Vol. 1

By: Seth Blake

Illustrated & Designed By: Thea Lorentzen 

36 pages

9 illustrations

Rhymes With Drop Books / Los Angeles, CA

ISBN: 978-0-615-93654-3


From the Back Cover:


Bzzt! Bzzt!


“Just what the fuck is that?”


And so begins The Erotic Adventures of Batman, Vol. 1.


Just what the fuck that is is a pager, belonging to none other than Batman himself. But, you’ll have to read the book to find that out!


The year is 1997. A pansexual libertine and member of the 1%, Batman is a man used to getting what he wants. Yet despite his material wealth and panoply of sexual achievements, Batman remains, seemingly incontrovertibly, in the proverbial “shit-dumps” about the notorious paucity of spiritual stuff in his life. But, when Batman is contacted via pager by his long distance pal, DA, his life gets flipped / turned upside down by a series of dizzying events that’ll leave you breathless, bothered and turned on to the cosmic throb.


A prequel of sorts to his award-winning memoir, Dear Doom: The Erotic Adventures of Batman, The Erotic Adventures of Batman Vol. 1, in fitting fashion, comes before that other one, chronologically, and illuminates crucial details about how Batman became the Batman that he strongly remains, today.


You aren’t just going to want to read it once. You’ll want to read it again!


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