Sarah Kasbeer

Sarah Kasbeer is a writer in New York City. Her work can be found in cyberspace, in real space, and pretty much any other kind of space. Follow her on twitter @sarahkasbeer.
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How To Spend My Book Advance*

Commission an elaborative portrait of myself in which garbage is spread across a football field in my likeness and photographed aerially from a balloon I’m riding in.   Laser hair removal package.   Custom suit jackets…

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Smile! The End is Near

“Smiling” was one of many facial expressions early humans used to communicate. In ancient civilizations, these yeti-like ape-men greeted each other by baring the calcified protrusions found inside of their mouths. Remember, this was before the…

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So This is Hell

I have to admit, “Book Jacket Status: Jacketed” was a major selling point. Like most of the books on my reading list, I ordered Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy during an alcohol-fueled Amazon binge, and specifically to appear…