Patrick Benjamin

Patrick Benjamin is a writer living near Los Angeles. He lives with his sister and grandmother.
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You Are Not the Boss of Sharon

My editor says I should mention something here regarding the absence of the next chapter of “Morongolalia.” I have two things to say. First, I’m required to apologize. So, I’m sorry. Second, I take it back!…

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Morongolalia: Tough Drunks Do Dance

Read the first five posts from the Morongolalia series.  Oh happy day, I wasn’t dead. No, I was dancing with a gorgeous, curly-haired woman. Yes! I thought, The annatoad worked. “Annatoad,” I chuckled, rather pleased with…

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Morongolalia: Annatoad

Read the first four posts from the Morongolalia series.  Next thing I recall I was in our room on one of the two beds, half-rolled in the rug we’d encountered upon entering the one-night-commune. Somehow I…

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Morongolalia: Tunnels

Read the first three posts from the Morongolalia series.  “White diamonds! That’s good.” Tom and I had seated ourselves at an optically shifting poker table peopled by weirdos. A cocktail waitress wearing a pencil-thin, Sharpie-applied moustache…


The Hex of Jeff Jackson

In Jeff Jackson’s new novel Mira Corpora, we meet strange characters, endure bizarre events, and travel unlikely landscapes. All that’s great, but what has me pushing the book on everyone I come across is beyond all…

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Morongolalia: The Helter Skeltering Sky

Read more from the Morongolalia series.  Finding my daughter’s killer had gifted me with divorce papers and depleted a joint bank account. Also, I’d contracted and beaten typhoid, and had autographed more IOU’s than, aptly, considering…