Oscar Moralde

Oscar Moralde is a writer and critic whose work has been published by Slant Magazine and the Criterion Collection. He studies film at UCLA.
Pop Culture

Down Mexico Way

The borders between nations are psychic wounds. The FX detective series The Bridge, which wrapped up its first season on last Wednesday, reifies that idea. The show depicts the US-Mexican border as a cruel bisector that…

Pop Culture

Lana, Gatsby, Chomsky

I have not yet seen Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby, though even its trailer contains enough supercharged energy to bowl over the plodding jaundice of Jack Clayton’s 1974 take, which was convinced that a story of romantic…

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The Two Lincolns

“Lincoln, as we say, is no Napoleon. He wants no splendor about him; that is scarcely his way. He defends not his own power, except as needed to defend the power entrusted to him. Unostentatiously and…