Nishta Mehra

Nishta Mehra is a writer, middle school English teacher, and enthusiastic home cook who blogs about food and life at A graduate of the MFA program at the University of Arizona, her first book, a collection of essays entitled The Pomegranate King, was published in June 2013. She lives with her partner, Jill Carroll, and their son, Shiv, in a suburb of Houston, Texas.

The Pit of Interesting

For the three summers between my eighth and tenth grade years, having taken the SAT in the seventh grade and scored high enough to qualify (I know, I know), I attended Duke University’s Talent Identification Program,…



A version of this piece originally appeared on Nishta’s blog. I. For months, the movie screen of my mind featured the same scene—my father’s face against a white hospital sheet—over and over and over again. Skin…