Michael McGrath

Michael McGrath is a writer living in Connecticut. Visit him at www.mikeymcgrath.com.
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The Struggling Humorist IV

The Struggling Humorist sat in his borrowed car outside the laundry depot and stared at the dashboard clock. The Struggling Humorist didn’t want to spend one extra second inside the laundry depot. He wanted an ejector…

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The Struggling Humorist III

The Struggling Humorist was in deep shit. The sacred crust of denial that held his domestic situation intact was crumbling. One of the Struggling Humorist’s benefactors had called his cell and found that instead of a…

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The Struggling Humorist II

The Struggling Humorist was hungover. He escaped to a matinee, colder and darker than his bedroom, and filled with whispering strangers rather than the sounds of his benefactors banging about the kitchen. But the movie he…

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The Struggling Humorist I

This, the first installment of The Struggling Humorist series, originally appeared on Michael’s Tumblr, Death Therapy, alongside such gems as a series of fan fiction dedicated to Lo Bosworth. Forthcoming installments of The Struggling Humorist will appear monthly…


YOLO: On The Road With Davy Rothbart

Davy Rothbart is a likeable guy. He’s passionate, tolerant, down for whatever. Throughout his new collection of essays, My Heart Is An Idiot, Rothbart roams the land, searching for love, sex, experience, feeling, and connection. The…