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Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 5

All 139 passengers aboard a Boise-bound SuperBus 850 burned to oblivion Saturday, just fifteen miles shy of their destination. “The SuperBus 850 is known for speed, and I was under the professional impression it was known…

Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 4

People say that the world is changing. But to think that as recently as a decade ago human beings died by other ways than bus crashes is to think back on a world that now seems…

Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 3

Bus crashes have many causes. There are drivers who suffer from drunkenness, low blood sugar, or even just momentary bouts of lightheaded delirium. There are threats to the road, including: patches of ice, packs of dogs,…

Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 2

Hell broke loose on the roads outside Tucson today, as the asphalt reportedly up and split to reveal not just dirt, but also, according to witnesses, flames, screams, ghoulies, goblins, clergymen, still-apologizing pols doomed to eternal…

Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 1

Twenty-nine souls plunged down a very, very tall cliff to the dribble that would become their quasi-watery grave (where they would all perish). “I would call it more of a damp and dusty grave, if you’re…