Jonathan Callahan

Jonathan Callahan’s first book, The Consummation of Dirk, winner of Starcherone Press’s 8th Prize for Innovative Fiction, was released in April. His writing has appeared in The Collagist, Pank, The Millions, Fiction Writers Review, Unsaid, Witness, Used Furniture Review, The Lifted Brow, Quarterly West, and elsewhere. He grew up in Hawaii and currently lives in Queens.

Shadows Now Throw Bodies, Progress Celebrates the Pyrrhic Victory Over Nature, and Reality Is a Meaningless Exaggeration of All the Details that Satire Left Behind Fifty Years Ago: The Whole Thing Makes Me Very Sad (Part 1)

[Ed. note: True to form, Jonathan Callahan was unable to limit himself to 2,500 words. Read Part 2 of his commentary-memoir-in-footnotes hybrid here.] Before addressing myself to the room-suffusing peanut-straw-‘n-pachyderm-shit odor one has no choice but…