John K. Peck

John K. Peck is a writer, musician, and printer. His writing has appeared in Salon, McSweeney's Intenet Tendency, Jubilat,, Last Exit, and VOLT, and was included in The Best of McSweeney's Internet Tendency. With his wife, he is co-owner of Volta Press, a letterpress and book arts studio, and co-editor of Beeswax Magazine, an annual journal of literature and art.
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Astro Guide: May 19-23

Taurus (21 April – 21 May) Life is full of choices, Taurus. You find yourself in the wilderness, the smell of campfire smoke lingering in the air. You search through your pockets, and find a map…

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American Joyce

SCENE 1 Parking lot of a WalMart in Ypsilanti. Mouldering tires in massive piles, rusted tin cans, will-o-the-wisps. A blocklong corroded neon sign, half-buried, flickers and comes to life, reading EAT. The sign flickers, buzzes, and…

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Jokes For Robots, v.4.0

4.0.1 A robot programmed to sell encyclopedias stops at a farmhouse, at which he interfaces with the farmer’s wife, the farmer’s daughter, and a milking machine. As all three encounters are with organic and/or non­interfacing analog…