John McNamee

John McNamee is a writer and cartoonist living in Los Angeles whose work has been featured by the Onion, McSweeney's, & Devastator Magazine. He is also the creator of @80sDonDraper, and the cartoonist behind He goes best with either a dry red wine or straight grain alcohol.
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Hey Sara! Sorry I’m late. You look great. What smell? Oh that’s probably sulfur from all the alchemy I’ve been getting into. I hardly even notice it any more. Oh no, if anything, alchemy is bigger…

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My Fan Fiction Fan Fiction

John typed feverishly on his latest fanfic “Spock and Awe.” It had been almost three weeks since he’d posted “The Ninja Turtles Meet The Smurfs, an Erotic Romp,” and the citizens of Earth were getting restless.…