Jake de Grazia

Jake de Grazia is Trop's Musical Theater Correspondent.
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Advice for Sweatpants Wedding, Part One

Sweatpants Wedding is an unfinished musical with enormous financial and artistic potential. I started my Trop career as the producer of an audio advice column. “Advice for Sweatpants Wedding,” the series-within-a-series that begins now, is my…

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Postcards: The Beach

Ever told a fish story? Want to tell it again? I do. Right here. On this website. So email me: jake at tropmag dot com. This is our very first Tropcasted fish story. It’s a postcard…

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Overheard: Mom

There are three Thompson children. Michael, the youngest, won’t be back from Mexico until March. Justin, the oldest, missed Christmas because he had other obligations. And Kathy wishes she didn’t have to do this. It’s not…

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Overheard: A Thompson Family Meeting

A fictional story pretending to be a work of journalism within another fictional story that’s also sort of pretending to be a work of journalism? We’ve been wanting to get this project started since summertime. J.R.…