Derek Loh

Derek Loh recently graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law. He has an MA in critical studies in film from The University of Southern California and a bachelors in anthropology from Davidson College. He currently lives in New York in the world's smallest one bedroom apartment.
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Field Trip To Paris

I work in fashion. I respond to emails about drop-crotch pants and washed charmeuse (“I understand your concerns, but the charmeuse is supposed to look old and used”). My job recently sent me to Paris where,…

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Shut the Tweet Up

In 2009, I paid $120 to see Daniel Radcliffe’s penis, and it was disappointing. I had hoped at least that the vehicle for his penis, the Broadway revival of Equus, would have been less ridiculous. I…

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Lip Synch For Your Rights

“We love you, and you are so welcomed here. You know, we as gay people, we get to choose our family. We get to choose the people we’re around. You know what I’m saying? I am your…

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Spring Break Forevah

When Harmony Korine was asked if he felt creepy making young actresses do dirty things, the writer-director of Spring Breakers replied, “I feel like the most pure human being that’s ever existed… The most pure human…

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I Can Do Poverty Better Than You

If this past year was good for movies, it was even better for poverty porn. Not since Precious and Slumdog Millionaire have we been able to say, “Poverty: so hot right now.” From the cinema to…