Cristen Conger

Cristen Conger is an Atlanta-based writer, a podcast co-host of Stuff Mom Never Told You, and the internet's unofficial Curator of Lady Knowledge. Her work specializes in all things women, gender, sex, and getting laughs. Not always in that order.
Objects of Affection

Atlanta Elegy

“Behind us lay Atlanta, smoldering and in ruins, the black smoke rising high in air, and hanging like a pall over the ruined city.” — William T. Sherman, Memoirs of General W.T. Sherman I knew I…

Objects of Affection

The Belated Obituary

When I think about my Grandmother, my dad’s mother and the only grandmother I knew since my mom’s mom died long before I came around, two memories shine most vividly. The first is of the food…

Objects of Affection

Smoke Signals

Once, while attending a best friend’s birthday dinner party at her parents’ house on a Saturday night in the early fall of my junior year of college, the top quarter of my left lung collapsed. There…

Objects of Affection


I can’t tell you much about what happened that day, but I can tell you what I was wearing. The dress was a slate gray American Apparel shift, cinched at the waist with a vintage brown…

Objects of Affection

Death Knell

When I walked into my neighborhood coffee shop on a late August morning, there wasn’t a flicker of romance on my mind. I had woken up early to camp out at the cafe and catch up…

Objects of Affection

The Book of Us

The unofficial Poet Laureate of Athens, GA asked for my phone number after a swimming pool party secretly thrown to set us up. I was damp-haired, tequila-flushed, and giddy. In the moments leading up to his…