Christopher Kuehnle

Has spent an inordinately large amount of time in school. He now lives in Boston/New York.
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203 Germantown Road

Miniature Kamikaze pilots, singularly focused and all ablaze, whistle towards us before fizzling into threads of smoke and desperation inches from where we stand. The snow which now finds its way into the sides of my…

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Two AM, In Search of Tsing Tao

“Would you like anything else with that?” “Yeah, two Tsing Taos please.” “Sorry, no Tsing Tao now.” “Okkkk. Fair enough, two Sapporos it is then.” “No Tsing Tao, and no Sapporo after one.” This is the…

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Dream Wedding

I can’t see the ball, but I can tell she’s given it a solid whack; her toes lithely kiss the court as she dances back into vigilant anticipation. I try to find its trajectory, to meet…

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On June 27th 2012, we boarded Nick’s Chance with mild curiosity and much trepidation. There were three of us—Lee, Elvin, and me. The rest of the fellow whale watchers were as follows: a German family of…

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Up here in Kennebunkport, summer has arrived with a curious intensity—name taking and ass dispensing at all-time highs. Itemized evidence of carnage: beer at the beach tastes like tepid apple juice garnished with sand? Summer is…