Alyssa Vine

Alyssa Vine lives in New York.

Catherine Lacey Gets Back to Work

Catherine Lacey never intended to write a novel. Her first book, Nobody Is Ever Missing, began as a series of disconnected stories she wrote while tinkering with a freelance non-fiction career. Eventually her spurts of fiction gelled…

Pop Culture

Ender Meets Hollywood

Last Friday, the movie adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s young adult sci-fi novel Ender’s Game opened in theatres across the United States. As Trop’s resident Young Adult lit enthusiasts, we couldn’t wait to see the nerd…


Julie Sarkissian

Julie Sarkissian’s debut novel, Dear Lucy, tells the story of Lucy, a girl with evident but unspecified special needs who has been sent to live on a farm with Mister and Misses, a married couple with…


Alice Munro: A Finale?

Alice Munro has pleaded retirement a handful of times in recent years, and with her new short story collection Dear Life: Stories, she told The New Yorker she thinks it’s for real. At eighty-one years old, Canada’s…