Ideas for Novels

Emily Dash: Fast Friend—Emily “Em” Dash is a fast friend—that is, a friend who is both quick on her feet and one who holds fast in times of duress—also, she is quick to “make” friends—not “make”…

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Are You Cooking With Me, Jesus?

Master of Ceremonies: Hello once again everybody and welcome to another edition of Are You Cooking With Me, Jesus?—the show that helps you make every meal… simply divine! Without further ado let’s bring out the star…

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Course Catalog for TV Doctor Med School

Integrated Physiology Instructor: Dr. Laura Burke Integrated Physiology builds on anatomy, biochemistry, and cell biology to explore the science of the function of the body and its parts using case tutorials, lectures, focused exercises, and laboratories.…


Sweet Breath

She was standing on my doorstep when I first met her. It was fall 2006. I’d just moved to Brooklyn and was living in a tiny one-bedroom with a friend-turned-boyfriend, the only person I knew when…

Ideas for Novels

Incense and Rumpelminz—The new novel that dares to ask, pointedly and poignantly “who cares what booze we choose?”— Dawn Gnots, Cityville, IL

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Astro Guide: May 5-9

Taurus (21 April – 21 May) You will soon take a long walk ending at the old, short pier, but this time you’ll remember to stop walking. Self-improvement initiatives bring great contentment. Gemini (22 May –…

Ideas for Novels

Certified Flan Management—When it comes to indulging in this delicious dessert, it’s best to leave things to the professionals. — Timotree Weeters, Wheatabix, WV


Ave Marilla

Marilla Cuthbert is mercilessly defined in Anne of Green Gables as a tall, angular woman with narrow experience and a rigid conscience. She never married or had children of her own—an old maid in the novel’s…

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Honest and Unbiased: Kudu Coffee

Kudu Coffee Charleston, SC 5 Stars I like to refer to my failures as “brief stints”; this way my dilettantism sounds less like what it is and more like the carefully considered career moves of a…