Centerfold Artist

A multi-media artist interview series by Annette Isham and Zac Willis.

Mr. June, Igor Pasternak

We are happy to announce Centerfold Artist of the Month, Mr. June, Igor Pasternak. Igor recently exhibited his solo show Means over Ends at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art in Anchorage, Alaska, and he is a… Read more »

Ms. May, Victoria Fu

We are pleased to introduce Ms. May, Victoria Fu. Victoria has a solo show, A Cloud is Not a Sphere, opening at Flashpoint Gallery in Washington, DC today, and she has a show, Lorem ipsum, running through the… Read more »

Mr. April, Matthew Mann

We are excited to introduce Mr. April, Matthew Mann. Matthew will exhibit his next solo show, Salon of Little Deaths, at the Hamiltonian Gallery in Washington, DC in May 2013, and he will be hosting a studio… Read more »

Mr. March, Brian Barr

We are happy to announce Mr. March, Brian Barr. Brian currently has the show No Longer Presidents but Prophets, which he co-curated with Lauren Rice, at Delicious Spectacle in Washington, DC. This summer, he will be… Read more »

Mr. January, Ben Kinsley

Centerfold Artist is a series of monthly podcasts that features actively showing artists from around the country. We ask the tough questions that cut to the heart and expose inner thoughts and feelings. Each featured artist… Read more »