Letters to Jake

Tom Dibblee is going to Nevada with a barista in order to achieve interpersonal clarity. Tom must tell Jake the details.


Hey Jake Jake, it seems the barista and I fell into a ditch. We were having an impossible time getting to Nevada. I was having an easy time of writing to you on into infinity about… Read more »


Hey Jake The barista and I had faraway looks in our eyes. We stood on the top of the hill and lavished them on the landscape before us—the poppy preserve without poppies in Lancaster, CA, barely… Read more »


Hey Jake We were at the poppy preserve without poppies in Lancaster, CA, past 140th Street, a street name whose import I detailed for you in my last letter. I don’t know how long poppy seasons… Read more »

Faraway Looks

Hey Jake I went to the poppy preserve with the barista on the way to Nevada. It was right there in Lancaster, out past 140th Street, the street with the name that makes perfect sense and… Read more »

Weighing In

Hey Jake One thing about traffic on the way to Nevada is that it’s got a lot of space to crop up. It cropped up as soon as I descended the ramp below the First Adventist… Read more »

Questions and Beliefs

Hey Jake I threw ‘em down, Jake. I played my cards with the barista and we finally got out of Hollywood. It took a while. It took some effort. It took persistence. It took enduring an… Read more »

Mood Assessment

Hey Jake Guess what. I went to Nevada with the barista, an actual woman, and yes, we stayed in motels, and yes, we gambled. I didn’t win any money. I tried. But you don’t care about… Read more »


Hey Jake I made you a promise and I’m going to keep it. I told you I was going to the Nevada desert. I told you that going there guaranteed I’d have something to tell you. Read more »


Hey Jake Well, we tried the love triangle. You and Zeke invited me to the Upright Citizens Brigade twice, and both times I couldn’t go. I wanted to go. In fact, when Zeke called, I picked up,… Read more »


Hey Jake It looks like it’s time to take matters into my own hands. Yes, I understand that you have priorities to balance. And yes, I understand that you can’t introduce me to Sarah at the… Read more »

World Views

Hey Jake I think we’ve hit an impasse. First of all, I went to your party the other night, and you were the only one there. Read more »


Dear Jake, my upright friend, my friend with endless ideas for social entrepreneurship, my friend with a wife and therefore a reasonable chance to procreate at the socially expected time, my friend all around, my friend from… Read more »


Before sending my first letter to Jake, I ought to provide the reader with some details about this person I’ve chosen to be the sole beneficiary of my wisdom and experiences. Read more »