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Spots still available in this week’s ‘Zumba, Michael McDonald Style!’ workshop. See Karla for details.

Lanyards, lanyards, lanyards! This Sunday. Japanese Historical Society.

Missed Connection: I was in a tank top. You were in a tank top. Thought maybe we could stitch them together and see what happens?

Missed Connection: at Starbucks. You, wearing shirt. Me, wearing pants. Was there something there?

Penis seeks Vagina with things already in it.

Wanted: Xtreme cuddle buddy. Must have incredibly large womb.

Wanted: a normal person.

Tammy, I know you’re reading this, please start buying your own Triscuits — Eunice.

For sale. Baby’s shoes. Never Used. The baby’s totally fine. They were just really awful shoes.

Balloon artist needed for holocaust remembrance event.

SWM seeking BBW for sushi fiesta. My place. The woods. Cash only.

ATTN: tutor 4 all subjects! eng, math, spanish, sci, body milks, poly sci!