Seth Blake

Seth Blake is a writer from New Hampshire.
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Dad’s Hat

A couple of winters ago, my father arrived home from his place of work with a package, terribly excited. Abandoning the usual decorum, he burst through the door and made straight for the kitchen table, his…

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Pathetic Fallacy

Years ago, my father and I had owned a dog named Lenny. He was named after Lenny Bruce. He was a funny dog. I mentioned before that Lenny was a funny dog and this is true,…

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Farm Work

During the summers when I was in college, I earned money by working on a farm. For the sake of clarity, I should tell you that this farm was not a “working farm.”  This is not…

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It was always a grey day when Uncle came to visit, lurching his big, black car into the drive—not in an uneasy or melancholy way, but a drab, more literal way, for he only came to…

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I am at the pool with Cobb and Cobb is yelling at the children here. “Come on! You can do it! You can do it better than that, men!” Cobb thinks yelling is good for his…


From Nowhere, with Love

Gregory Hill’s East of Denver hits home in a way I didn’t quite expect. True, I hail from a small town east of Denver, but I would be lying if I claimed that Denver was ever…