Sabra Embury

Sabra Embury is a book critic for Brooklyn's L Magazine. Her confabulations and fantastications can be found in the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Rumpus, Tottenville Review, NANO Fiction and other places. Follow her antics on Twitter @yrubmEarbaS.
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Honest and Unbiased: Crotchco

Crotchco Los Feliz, Los Angeles 2 Stars I’ve been avoiding Crotchco for years. The last time I was there, the parking situation alone was bad enough. Foreign pedestrians scuttling in front of cars with their cheese…

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Honest and Unbiased: Fly Zone

Fly Zone Gardena, CA 4 Stars My friend Doug’s always putting these crazy activities together—water park extravaganzas… slip & slide BBQs. So when I got the group invite to a trampoline park, I wasn’t sure what…

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Honest and Unbiased: Eléfante

Eléfante Atwater Village, LA 3 stars Eléfante has been stinking up my dining queue for a while now, since my co-worker Bryn will not stop talking about the place as the ultimate must-do-brunch spot. It’s like…

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Honest and Unbiased: Kafka Market

Kafka Market Koreatown, LA 1 Star Sometimes your body craves diversity, and in a metropolis like LA, it’s nice to know one’s cravings can be satisfied with a quick jaunt to a local supermarket instead of…

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Honest and Unbiased: Sketcheroni Grill

Sketcheroni Grill Los Angeles, CA 2 Stars For my friend Mindy’s thirtieth birthday, she decided to celebrate at the uber kitchy Sketcheroni Grill. She claimed with there being such an eclectic mix of personalities from our…

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Honest and Unbiased: Beg Boy

Beg Boy Mid-City West, Los Angeles 4 Stars This small restaurant was crazy busy on a Tuesday night. The service was good though the hostess I guess you could say was brusque? On the way to…