Patrick Benjamin

Patrick Benjamin is a writer living near Los Angeles. He lives with his sister and grandmother.
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Smoking, a History: Part Two

Read part one of Patrick’s “Smoking, a History” here. CAMEL LIGHTS That I’d made it to fifteen without smoking a Camel Light astounded a seventeen-year-old Mary. At the time she was dating my best friend, which…

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Smoking, A History: Part One

Two years of translating Verlaine from his original French to Esperanto is a pleasure. Though, honestly, it’s tedious at times, but with a tidy sum at the end of the proverbial rainbow. But I’m not even…

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Old News

In 1998 I moved to 409 South Tasker in Philadelphia. A three-storied place with an expansive basement and an L-shaped corridor for a backyard. These were heavy drinking days. Fresh out of college, I had yet…