Maggie Mull

Maggie Mull is a writer and artist, born, raised and living in Los Angeles. She is the creator of Doppelthingers, an online collection of things that look like other things.
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Astro Guide: November 25-29

Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December) Take a walk, Sag! You might just find your next bedmate while on a stroll around the neighborhood. Look under rocks; riffle through take-out containers. Collect string, hair, and other…

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Chekhov’s Gun

Everyone says, “You wanna be a writer? Then sit down and write. Just write what you know. Write you.”   Every night I attempt to do this. I sit in bed, or at my desk. I…

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The Original WebMD Symptom Checker

(phone rings until you’re certain it will go to their answering machine) GRANDPA: Who is this? YOU: It’s your granddaughter. GRANDPA: I don’t have a granddaughter. YOU: Yes. It’s Maggie. GRANDPA: I thought you were a…

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24-Hour Smokie People

Harold Stumpf is not a chef. He’s not a foodie, or even a blood donor. He’s just a proud library card holder and lover of Lit’l Smokie cocktail links. And, after years of what Stumpf describes as…