Katie McMurran

Katie McMurran is a composer and sound artist currently living in Los Angeles.

Social Networking

Today’s show is a look into the pros and cons of connecting in cyberspace. Mostly the pros, actually. Specifically, the ways in which an online community calmed a chicken_eruption. This is the fourth episode of Normal. Appearing…



Eating out isn’t as easy as it used to be. You can read more about the study referenced in this episode here. Comic by the talented MariNaomi. This is the third episode of Normal. Appearing approximately once a month,…


The Commute

Sometimes getting where you need to go requires unusual effort. A special thank you to Tanya Aguiñiga, who agreed to talk to me about this subject multiple times. It’s an experience that has shaped her amazing…


Open Door Policy

This is the first episode of Normal, our most extraordinary new Tropcast. Appearing approximately once a month, Normal will explore, celebrate, and question the quirks of human behavior. A special thank you to Heidi Darchuk and Michael Chick for lending…

The Weather


Do you believe in ghosts? Why not? What hasn’t happened to you? You’ve never played with a ouija board? Never burned a road atlas? Never written on a mirror with lipstick? Never raised a glass to…