Justin Maurer

Justin Maurer is a writer and musician from Los Angeles. He's known as the wild frontman of Clorox Girls as well as fronting many other musical projects. His first book Don’t Take Your Life (Future Tense Books) was published in 2006. His new chapbook of stories Seventeen Television (Vol. 1 Brooklyn) is now available. To pay the bills, he most recently worked as an American Sign Language interpreter, Hollywood tour bus driver and dental supply salesman as well as a freelance writer and contributor to various publications. He is presently failing to option his first feature screenplay Pulling Teeth to Hollywood. He sings for the punk/60s pop band L.A. Drugz and plays guitar in punk/glam band Maniac. One of his songs, “Outside Place,” was featured in Hollywood film, The Lifeguard (2013). Maurer’s writing and criticism has appeared in L.A. Record, Color Magazine, The Rumpus, Faster Times, Vice Spain, Maximumrocknroll, Razorcake, and Vol 1. Brooklyn. He is trying to avoid a tractor-beam-like pull into the lucrative field of dental supply sales. He lives and writes in East Hollywood when not being interrupted by his girl and/or his dog. See more of his music and writing here: www.justin-maurer.com.

Oakland Days

My father told me about his younger days when he worked at a day care center and was broke. He had to sustain himself on graham crackers and peanut butter and milk, the snacks they set…