Eric Gelsinger

Eric Gelsinger is part of the old House Press in Buffalo, NY. His work can be found in Fence, LUNGFULL!, Ecopoetics, and Flim Forum. During the last seven years he has worked for the United Nations, and as an Equity Trader for D. E. Shaw. His interests include the economy of literature, Latin American poetry and prose, and comedy. He lives in Brooklyn.
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The Pleasures of Poker Chips

I’m continually surprised by hopes which just turn up, like a coin turns up during a spring cleaning. Coins! Those cold, heavy sparks! Nestled among familiar places where all the days I sit around and tap…

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Wide Right Disorder

I’ve never been one for mental health, but I recently started seeing a therapist, with early results pertinent to Sparts. To give you the necessary background without getting into sordid details, I’ve found adjusting to life…

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Bad Luck

My mind was closing around a perfect idea, like an elevator enclosing me with a beautiful young woman. But then I lost it—nothing but bad luck. Bad luck: it’s bad luck to eat with shoes on;…

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A History of My Humiliations

Before too many of my aspirations have taken form as deeds (through the process known as “lies”) I need to speak of my childhood humiliations. A friend of mine wrote A History of My Loves. Just…