Alexander Karelis

Alexander Karelis is co-founder of Writers Room DC, a boutique co-working space for professional writers of fiction and creative non-fiction and the unofficial literary nexus of Washington D.C.
Milo and Fairfax

Training Day

I stepped out of nowhere and onto the Alaskan tundra. Nails Cullen stubbed out her joint. “Hey, Milo,” she said without looking up. “We killing monsters today?” Nails was a compact, muscular young cambion with pale…

Milo and Fairfax

Honey White

“It’s like they think I’m a criminal! What the hell?” “You are a criminal,” I said, my eyes on the road. Honey White rolled her eyes. “I’m a gemological archivist. It’s a perfectly honest occupation!” I…

Milo and Fairfax


“Can you narrow it down a little bit?” I sighed. “Hooded black robe, carrying a Book of Forbidden Magic, scurried into this pub. Looked like a cultist.” “This is Transylvania Prime. Do you have any idea…

Milo and Fairfax

The Train

I found the train’s porter in the dining car, industriously polishing the long wood bar. It was a gremlin, a small humanoid amphibian with huge ears and bright green eyes with slit pupils. They’re passive-aggressive, ill-mannered…

Milo and Fairfax

Regulated Ink

Dire Watchword moved his mouth in something approximating a smile when I walked through the door of his tattoo parlor. It was a learned behavior—werewolves don’t really understand why baring their teeth is supposed to put…

Milo and Fairfax

Middle of Nowhere

The delicate crimson filigree that covered the left side of the surgeon’s face had been etched into her skin with techno-organic bacteria and edged with liquefied rubies. It was a physician’s glyph, a highly specialized magical…