A.C. DeLashmutt

A.C. DeLashmutt is a Virginian living in New York. Her writing has appeared in McSweeney's, The Washington Post, theNewerYork, Flash magazine, and elsewhere. She also writes plays. Follow her on Twitter @acdelashmutt.
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Astro Guide: December 16-20

Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December) In the spirit of “you are what you eat,” you decide to try to soften some of those rough fire-sign edges with a diet of exclusively super-cute foods: gummy bears,…

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Let’s Take a Triptych

Come in! Sit down! Welcome to the A.C. Travel Agency. It’s summer! Let’s take a trip. What do you want to see? Some people want to plant a flag on the mountain top, some people just…

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My first morning back home in Virginia. I have a piece of toast in one hand and the ear of a Labrador in the other as I bend over the Post, chewing. Jamon is streaming NPR on…


A Place in Sossusvlei

I was alone and there was no sound at all. Towering rust-red dunes circled the flat I stood on—I could see wind flinging sand from the high crests, but I couldn’t hear it, only the rasp…

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Eight Steps to Frankenpanic

Step 1: First of all, relax. It’s Saturday. It’s not even raining. On your way back from morning yoga, stop by the greenmarket and pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers, because it’s so gray and…