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Course Catalog for TV Doctor Med School

Integrated Physiology
Instructor: Dr. Laura Burke
Integrated Physiology builds on anatomy, biochemistry, and cell biology to explore the science of the function of the body and its parts using case tutorials, lectures, focused exercises, and laboratories. Please come to this class dressed like a J. Crew model.


Human Anatomy 101
Instructor: Dr. Jack Sloan
In Human Anatomy 101 we will learn the science of the body. The sexy, sexy human body. This course will include a dissection of a super sexy former model human cadaver that will resemble all of your future patients.


Intro to Neuroanatomy
Instructor: Dr. Miranda Yang
Introduction to the nervous system. In order to prepare students for real world situations, focus will be exclusively on extremely rare, unlikely nervous system disorders that cause seemingly unexplainable symptoms. Please come prepared to this course with a white board full of scrawling, i.e. “Lung scarring. Sex fiend. Rash. Likes cats? Cardiac arrest. DEATH.”


Inappropriate Workplace Relationships
Instructors: Dr. Doug Bailey and Dr. Christina Livingston
One night stands, emotional declarations, and scandalous affairs–all during business hours. Will also explore why having sex in a hospital poses no sanitary concerns.


Inappropriate Patient Relationships
Instructors: Dr. Doug Bailey and Dr. Christina Livingston
(Prerequisites: Inappropriate Workplace Relationships, Ethics Schmethics)
Course will cover flirting with patients, sleeping with patients, and falling for the single parents of dying children. If time permits, we’ll cover how to navigate the boundaries when dealing with a hot patient in a coma. (Hint: There are none.)


I Have A Troubled Past
Instructor: Dr. Arizona Chase
(Prerequisite: Crafting A Vague Backstory)
Whether your teenage years were a blur of run-ins with the law, your rich family was crueler than anyone knew, or you had an abortion at sixteen that still keeps you up at night, we’ll discuss how to properly drop hints about your dark past mid-surgery.


Sassy Comebacks
Instructor: Dr. Erica Hadley
Strengthen your funny bone in this popular elective! Everything from sarcasm toward your boss to zingers for cancer patients! Ideal for those who took last semester’s electives, Making Your Patients Cry By Calling Them Liars and Super Unrealistic Banter.


Dealing with the Inevitable Sudden Death of a Colleague
Instructor: Dr. Allison Shepherd
It’s going to happen.

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