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Popcorn and Ghosts: The Grave of Johnny-Jake

For this episode, Popcorn and Ghosts creator Riley Raubacher enlisted the co-writing talents of Keurim Hur, whom she had met at the bottom of a pit where they fought off demons and ghouls for four days and five nights through the power of song.

This story, “The Grave of Johnny-Jake” is based on a true story Keurim and Riley discovered in a journal that was wrapped in newspaper floating down the marshes near Riley’s homestead. After reading the story once, Keurim burned the journal out of fear and confusion. Together, Keurim and Riley continue to piece together what they remember, and what follows them in their dreams…

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Together with her adventure buddy Matt Marblo, Riles traverses the country, from Shake Shack to Shake Shack and Red Mill to Red Mill, in search of love, puns, and french fries.

Keurim went from Korea to New York to Boston to Indiana to Los Angeles to New York and intends to never leave again. Still technically a Korean citizen due to US immigration laws that defy all sense and reason, she is currently accepting queries for both job offers and marriage proposals.