Centerfold Artist

Mr. March, Brian Barr

We are happy to announce Mr. March, Brian Barr. Brian currently has the show No Longer Presidents but Prophets, which he co-curated with Lauren Rice, at Delicious Spectacle in Washington, DC. This summer, he will be a resident artist at the Luminary Center for Contemporary Art in St. Louis. Brian will also be showing at Cuchifritos Gallery in New York, NY with Lauren Rice in June of 2014. If you want to learn more about Brian and his work, please visit his website.

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Centerfold Artist is a series of monthly podcasts that features actively showing artists from around the country. We ask the tough questions that cut to the heart and expose inner thoughts and feelings. Each featured artist is provided a datasheet, which they fill out and return in a sealed envelope. Zac and Annette then open the envelope and release an improvisational discussion.

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Annette Isham makes art work and lives in Washington, DC.

Zac Willis, born in southwest MO, is an artist living and working in Washington, DC. An avid collector of toys and an obsessive documentarian, Willis redirects his energies toward amassing the stories of others in Centerfold Artists.