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Bus Crash Story 9

In a world in which buses crash more often than they reach their destinations, it can be hard for a bus crash to get the attention that it deserves. “I believe that all bus crashes deserve their place in the news, and more importantly, in our hearts,” local crash news advocate Yon Man said. “If 500 buses are going to crash every day, then our job is to construct in our hearts 500 new loading docks.” While some therapists have debated our capacity to “build loading docks” inside our “hearts,” polls reveal that most people at least “want to know about the bad ones.” Hence, news features like this one: The largest bus ever constructed, a bus containing 2,500 passengers, many with pets in tow, drove off a cliff yesterday, somersaulting all the way down until it struck a big pile of rocks and blew up in a fireball visible for 500 miles in every direction. “Those guys way more than died in there,” a local commentator said. “Way more. Changed my whole conception of death.”

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