Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 6

In Costa Rica, a bus abruptly swerved into oncoming traffic. Witnesses, who had serendipitously gathered on top of a nearby bluff, as if in anticipation of exactly such an event, speculated that the driver had decided to swerve as an act of vengeance against the car he struck, a Volkswagen Rabbit, which, they suspected, the driver must have recognized, possibly on account of the fact that the driver of the Rabbit was having an affair with bus driver’s wife, a local schoolteacher and community leader named Pilar Rosa Maria, a woman who most, but not all, people really tended to like. “Or something,” witness Manuel Oo said, in an opinion seconded by many of his fellow onlookers. All 156 passengers and both the bus and Rabbit drivers died when the vehicles hit the sharp rocks below the cliff.

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