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Bus Crash Story 5

All 139 passengers aboard a Boise-bound SuperBus 850 burned to oblivion Saturday, just fifteen miles shy of their destination. “The SuperBus 850 is known for speed, and I was under the professional impression it was known for flame prevention too,” bus industry analyst Nit Seeflo said. Illinois-based SuperBus lost twenty points on the Bus Transport Index after the accident, while cross-state rival BusMasterDirect saw its stock rise. “For investors playing the crash game, this was a curveball,” Seeflo added. “While every manufacturer has its crashes, to chalk one up to faulty flame retardant deals a real blow to the SuperBus brand’s credibility.” Cell phone calls from the scene of the crash seemed to indicate that the passengers had deployed the In-Seat High-Speed Crash Management Flame Retardant Dispensers from Bus Crash Alleviation Industries as instructed, to no avail.

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