Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 4

People say that the world is changing. But to think that as recently as a decade ago human beings died by other ways than bus crashes is to think back on a world that now seems quaint. “I once assumed I’d go by way of heart attack,” local policewoman Otta Frich said. “Now I just think about what road it’s going to be, and when.” Congressman Herr Mu Fi elaborated, “I can’t quite think to when this started. The odd thing about it is we still have a fair share of citizens driving their own private vehicles.” Local grocer Oona Kru said, “I suppose it has to do with safety. Those cars got those belts and the bags, but buses, far as I can tell, still look the same as they ever did.” Metropolis Bus Monopoly Manufacturing Company representatives did not return repeated requests for comment.

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