Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 32

A ghost in an invisible suit got in a bus crash yesterday outside Tulsa. Right, right. I know what you’re thinking—how did he or she fare? That’s a great question, and we here at Trop will answer it thusly—ghosts in invisible suits, while not quite “there,” are nevertheless quite mortal. So the real question, as eyewitnesses know, is how, given the ghost’s ghostly nature (and invisibility), so much blood and so many guts splattered so widely around the crashed-up bus. “It’s like,” Joe Arnt said, “I mean, you’d’a thought that ghost would just up and float off like a fart on Friday. But shit damn if that pavement still ain’t red.” The local chapter of the Ghost Blood Identification league confirmed that the red splotches for fifty yards around the crashed bus were indeed blood, and were indeed most likely the blood of a ghost.

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