Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 3

Bus crashes have many causes. There are drivers who suffer from drunkenness, low blood sugar, or even just momentary bouts of lightheaded delirium. There are threats to the road, including: patches of ice, packs of dogs, patches of sand, and herds of cats. There are, in fact, many, many factors that can lead to a bus crash. So given this infinitely wide set of root causes, it was unexpected when Jeanette Hoshtlam, a veteran school bus driver in Primm, Nevada, crashed on her way to pick up her (luckily) first student-passenger of the day, leading to her own lonely fatality. “Of all the bus drivers I know, I’d say Jeannette wouldda been the last I’d expect to turn straight to dust,” said neighbor Mo Fre. With no wreckage or body, authorities initially couldn’t confirm that the bus had crashed at all. But after six weeks passed and no clues surfaced, they concluded that there was nothing else that it could’ve been.

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