Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 27

Rain and wind combined to compel at least ten buses to crash yesterday, with two crashing in Norwalk, two crashing in Tempe, two crashing in Tulsa, two crashing in Boise, and two crashing in Lima, Peru. “That is one widespread storm,” local meteorologist Heen Bug said. But local to where? “Many places,” the local weatherman said. Like, possibly, Norwalk, Tempe, Tulsa, Boise, and Lima? “Yes, I am local to all those places, along with a small town in Costa Rica.” But isn’t that expensive? “Recall that I’m a television meteorologist.” As for the passengers on the ten crashing buses, all of them died, on account, variously, of impact, fire, sharp rocks at the bottom of a cliff, and asphyxiation.

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