Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 18

As bus crashes have risen in popularity, eclipsing in some regions even the popularity of football and wrestling, so too have the cottage industries that surround them. In Tulsa, Crash Spectator Specialists sell such accessories as Burnt Flesh Tolerance Nasal Control Valves and High Heat Reflective Jersey Tees. In Norwalk, Crash Tours Outposts has upgraded its food truck license to a permanent food and beverage operator card, selling German pretzels and Korean barbeque to visitors and locals from a trailer by the offramp. In Lima, Peru, Second Chance Video Productions has affixed satellite-transmitting cameras to every bus in town, banking on their eventual crash and hoping to, according to their website, “record bus crashes from the fiery heart of things.” Sometimes, however, a bus crash reminds us that bus crashes are bus crashes, as when Infants Only Transport Co. sent a full bus down a 1,000-foot cliff in Boise yesterday, with some spectators swearing they could here the newborns wailing all the way down.

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