Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 17

And so one bus crash begets another. Or so it would seem after last week’s two-for-one outside Lima, Peru. “Well at first I was thinkin’ we’d just get on normal,” local crash spectator Lio Ma said. “I twas but up on the hill, waitin’ for old bus forty-two to round the corner and hit the rock as planned. I was gettin’ all anticipatory, just ready, you know, for the flames and smell of burning flesh. But then wouldn’t I know, out of the blue an unscheduled city bus, way outside city lines, comes flyin’ around the bend and the two of them just have at it, right there in the street. Two buses, one crash. I been crash spectatin’ for goin’ on thirty years, and I but never ‘spected to see that. That bus must’ve been hijacked to be so far off course.” Naturally, every passenger on both buses died.

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