Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 16

Norwalk has been a city known for its bus crashes for the better part of its history. “At first, we didn’t have buses. Just horses. But if I know Norwalk, I’d wager the horses crashed too,” native son Tripper Ryder said. “We got something in the water.” Something in the water indeed, Tripper Ryder. “When you’ve got twelve to fourteen bus crashes per week, you know the problem isn’t just chance,” researcher Scotty McCreery said. “You know it must be something. What’s difficult, though, is how to conduct lab tests on bus crashes. Lives are at stake.” And so, two months into the Norwalk Bus Crash Research Facility’s inquiry into what might be in the bus crash water, with the bus crash rate having climbed to an average of thirty-three crashes per week, suspicions in Norwalk were, according to Ryder, “aroused.”

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