Bus Crash Stories

Bus Crash Story 14

Some say that in the future buses will become obsolete. “When that time comes,” local life advocate Ma A said, “we’ll spare ourselves some carnage.” Indeed it would. In yesterday’s bus crash into the San Gabriel River, 134 people died, most of them children, and most of them painfully. “I can’t imagine a bus crash death being painless,” A said. “The impact, the explosion, the burning, the agony—it’s all too much. Now, as a life advocate, I can’t support the instant death button strategy some of our rivals think might be the solution. How can you trust a child to make the call on his own instant death? And can you imagine riding to school like that, with an instant death button in the seat back in front of you? It’s just too sinister.” Rival advocates disagreed. “Pain will live to see another day.”

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