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Bus Crash Story 13

While the debate raged in local taverns, the courts were hard at work until they finally ruled that the now infamous “Boise Plunge” was indeed a bus crash. “The strange thing about the plunge,” tavern owner Frit Nis said, “is that the bus cleared the cliff, cleared the sharp rocks down below, and cleared the shallows, so that, when it finally quote-unquote ‘crashed’ into the water, it did so cleanly, drifting down to the bottom just beyond the Boise Lake drop off, and killing every one of its passengers by way of drowning rather than impact. And, you know, at first I heard that and I thought, ‘That ain’t no crash. That’s a plunge, even if the water’s-as-hard-as-concrete thing didn’t seem to hold up.’ That bus down there on the bottom is perfectly intact, and none of the corpses had broken limbs. But what the hell? If it makes the victims’ families happy to call it a crash, I say give ‘em what they want. Those guys deserve closure.” A Boise Crash Candlelight Vigil is scheduled for Thursday night at the downtown gazebo.

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