Acupuncture After The Apocalypse

Tipped in Levi’s Favor

The polls have tipped in Levi’s favor. Both Beefcake and Levi say they want to rebuild our region’s infrastructure, guarantee more reliable phone service, secure a consistent source of electricity, and they both believe—surprise, surprise—that it’s a good idea for our communities to become more economically prosperous. But Beefcake only has his own handsome self to project cuteness, and Levi now has Griffin.

We like our male leaders to be fatherly, and Beefcake is not the least bit. Levi, on the other hand, appears impressively fatherly. (If you overlook the fact that not so many dads are unmarried and gay.) Griffin the dog’s appearance on the scene has helped clinch Levi’s paternal image. He reminds people of Franklin D. Roosevelt with his Scottish terrier, Fala.

Jill Riddell is a writer in Chicago. She teaches at the School of the Art Institute and has a weakness for nature, magic, and pennies abandoned in sidewalk cracks.