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Summer Break

Nothing like summer break to remind you how big the world is. Everyone disappears, from everywhere, it seems. And for the next couple of weeks, us Troppers are going away, too. But that got us to thinking, and we found there’s no real internet equivalent to a summer break, which is a total bummer, so for those of you stuck in the web, we’ve concocted a virtual summer break so that you may recreate our summer experience at any hour, in your home, school library, cafe, or place of business. Just follow these easy steps to your very own Tropaway.

1. Purchase at least three twelve-packs of Bud Light Limes, the Trop brew of choice (a steal here at $10.99 ea.)

2. Crack one open and commence to guzzle.

3. Open this YouTube video in a new tab, and pump it.

4. In another new tab, open this Panama City beachcam video, and set it to full screen. (For a cool sunglasses effect, set monitor brightness to half power.)

5. Drink in those tunes, soak up those rays. We’ll see you in paradise.

Roger is a composition teacher at Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia. He's working on his first novel, and would like to tell you all about it.